Privacy Policy

As a general rule, this website collects as little personally identifiable information as possible. You can visit this website without revealing personal information, but you can also choose to reveal such information with your own consent.


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Data We Collect

We collect and store data from people and businesses we work with. This may include names, contact details, communication data, financial data, contracts, other documents, and more. We do this to keep records for our business, and fulfill our legal duties.

We also collect and store communication data from people or organizations who contact us.

We collect personal data from people who opt-in to our mailing lists and newsletters, in the form of names and email addresses.

Emails we send out carry web beacons. These are single-pixel GIF files that tell Mailchimp when someone has opened an email sent by us, or clicked certain links within such an email.
This records your email address, IP address, date, and time of each click or open. Mailchimp uses this data to create email campaign reports for us.

You can unsubscribe from receiving email newsletters from us at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included in every newsletter email we send you. We will still be able to contact your email address for other purposes and reply to emails you send us.

We collect any data you deliberately make available to us, and store it for as long as is necessary for business purposes, or for compliance with law.

You may request a copy of your personal data that we hold for the purpose of correcting information, or to delete your personal information that is no longer required. Please contact the data controller at [email protected] to make such requests.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at any time. When we do so, the amended version will be applicable from the date it is updated.