A top-view 3D render of a glass screen, glowing with the M4 Music cover artwork in purple.

M4 Music: Cover Art

Cover Art
3D render of the ‘M4 icon’ as a black, two-dimensional plate, seen through a screen of cracked, refractive glass.

M4 Music Logo

Identity Design
A flat, vector render of the top-half of hoodie-print graphics. Mainly featuring kanji typography, logotype, and iconography.

S3RL Kanji Hoodie

Merch Design
3D render of a warped, dark, metallic page placed against a dark, metallic background surface. The page reads: But hey, it’s always okay to try new things. It also features neon signage typography, reading: S3RL.

DJ S3RL: Branding

3D render of data representation glowing and enclosed in a glass box.

S3RL Brand Strategy

Design Strategy
S3RL logotype in red, painted on a yellow van.

S3RL Logo (Redesign)

Identity Design
3D render of a wooden block with a monogram logotype engraved onto it.

Critters & Crawlers Logo

Identity Design
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