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S3RL logotype in red, painted on a yellow van. A top-view 3D render of a glass screen, glowing with the M4 Music cover artwork in purple. 3D render of a warped, light-blue page reading the heading: Visual Language; and below it: The color, typography, and style across S3RL’s visual brand. 3D render of a warped glass screen with ripples, displaying a glowing, pixelated, neon collage.
Van Gogh’s self portrait, cropped.

What is this Refuse you speak of?

Refuse is a one-man design studio.
We build design systems, and like to keep things straightforward, fun, and accessible.
We believe that good design does not deceive, and that it serves everyone. We don’t force quirks that don’t fit, or break things just for the sake of breaking things; or not break things when we have to.

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New From Refuse:

A realistic, 3D render of an algorithmically-generated geometric terrain colored white and dark-red.

Why Artists Are Upset…

Blog Article
A realistic, 3D render of multiple titles drawn by hand on floating rectangles. Headings read: The Refuse Newsletter.

10th Email Newsletter

Blog Article
A realistic, 3D render of golden typography against an abstract, detailed, purple, glass environment. Typography reads: 200K.

AR Effect With 200K Opens

Blog Article
Portrait of a man wearing green-tinted vintage glasses.

You think you’re so good? Prove it.

Yash has been great to work with. He delivered exactly what I needed and helped me see things from a new angle.
—Jole Hughes. DJ/Producer, DJ S3RL.

Yash is a terrific writer. He was able to turn a rough idea into a polished script. I was delighted with the results.
—Chris Do. Founder/CEO, The Futur.

I can’t claim to know how he did it, but after some Q & A, he handed me exactly what I was looking for. Funny thing is, I didn’t know what that was until he created it. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.
—Sean Klein. Founder, Critters & Crawlers Insect Farm.


A top-view 3D render of a glass screen, glowing with the M4 Music cover artwork in purple.

M4 Music: Cover Art

Cover Art
3D render of the ‘M4 icon’ as a black, two-dimensional plate, seen through a screen of cracked, refractive glass.

M4 Music Logo

Identity Design
3D render of a warped, dark, metallic page placed against a dark, metallic background surface. The page reads: But hey, it’s always okay to try new things. It also features neon signage typography, reading: S3RL.

DJ S3RL: Branding

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